Pietari ja Lahti

Commieblocks in your city. Show us :-) - Page 34 - SkyscraperCity

A wonderful panorama of St. Petersburg suburbia. Click for the glorious full size.

Commieblocks in your city. Show us 🙂 – Page 34 – SkyscraperCity.

Why I like to post these commieblock pictures: This kind of environment is too easily branded inhuman. I think that depends very much on one’s personal experience. It is certainly possible to view “commieblock” environment as beautiful, charming and a natural expression of our rationalized industrial society. Of course they should invest a bit more in the upkeep… Anyway, I’d like to quote Peter Eisenman when Leon Krier accused his buildings of being inhuman. “No they’re not. People live in them.”

Näytä suurempi kartta

I lived a few years of my life in a 70’s precast-concrete neighborhood in Saksala, Lahti (pictured above). It’s not as extreme as most of the Eastern European commie neighborhoods but there’s not much in the way of “architecture” either. I think it was OK.

(I don’t seem to be able to figure out how to embed Google Maps here… apologies for that)

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