Helsinki Dreaming of EL

It is very nice to see how the “El” proposed by Eisenman in the eighties as THE symbol of “displacement of man from the center of the universe” has become THE banal status symbol of metropolis – from Shanghai to Stockholm to Helsinki Dreaming of Tall Buildings — lewism.

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4 Responses to Helsinki Dreaming of EL

  1. lwsdmlewism says:

    Eisenmanns sketch is a nice catch and I don’t warm to his work as I get older although there is no doubt of his intellect. Not sure I’d allow any of these so called Helsinki skyscrapers through planning as they stand either.

    • I love Eisenman’s work because he is so upfront about not subscribing to the humanist idea of architecture making people’s lives better… An idea that is so uncritically touted in the Finnish architectural community.
      I don’t think Aalto’s “little man” exists, or more precisely, there exist 6 billion little men and I don’t know what might be the middle ground that they could collectively agree about.

  2. lewism says:

    Aahh lots for me to think about….. The Philosophical realisation that man is not the center of the universe is surely different though from the practical application of Architecture as building man’s environment? It would be nice if you would write something more about Eisenman and his philosophy.
    In the meantime I get the irony of the new use of Eisenman’s design ideas.

  3. New example here: . Almost all the entries are composed of upside down els! Also notable and symptomatic is how TWO of the awarded entries allude in their motto to the Easter Islands. So the Els are to be the enigmatic monuments left behind after the eco-catastrophe has swept away our culture. Hidden critique or just plain ignorance?

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