Art Gallery =! White Box



Louis Kahn, Yale University Art Gallery, archidose #537.

A building canonized to the point of irredeemable banality, but a case in point: I think the panel-gridded wall in fact creates a better situation for the appreciation of paintings, than the customary white planar wall of art museums. It resonates with the frames, instead of suffocating them in a (supposedly) empty, neutral, ideal infinite space.

In general: I don’t think white is a “neutral colour”. I don’t think there can be such a thing. Every colour comes from somewhere, has an origin in a certain configuration of the physical world. If anything, it is black, rather than white, that might be considered the “neutral background of the universe”… But if we look at it closely enough, the black of the night sky is not quite black either… It has IMPERFECTIONS

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