The draining of color

Boingboing brings to attention the draining of color in modern movies. It is an interesting example of mass psychology how in different eras different sorts of colors are perceived as desirable or appropriate.

I have previously written about the prevalence of blue-tinged grey in today’s architecture. I think this is an unconscious reflection of our lack of faith in the future.

We, the rich North, know that global warming and rampant capitalism are going to result in an unimaginable disaster to the whole world when the situation in the unprivileged countries grows untenable enough. However, we are in denial. We are unable to accept the consequences of the blatantly evident reality and suppress it, focusing our attention to increasingly absurd substitute concerns.

As always, however, the suppressed knowledge trickles through. We are secretly troubled. We view the world as a cold, unwelcoming and desperate place and we colour it to match.

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