Tadao Ando concrete

Next time someone starts to me about how Ando’s architecture is all about the impeccably finished concrete surfaces (and, invariably, going on to whine about the lack of good concrete workmanship here up north) I am so going to show them this picture.

I think what makes Ando so great and exceptional is not his insistence on detail and finishing (that, I think, is something common to all Japanese architecture) but the way he makes his architecture speak about “indubitable realities” as opposed to fanciful forms and images. The unalterable essences of the world we live in: Light. Material. Gravity. Rain. Temperature…

What I would like to see, for once, was an Ando house that is actually furnished for normal living.

Architecture Photography: AD Classics: Koshino House / Tadao Ando – Koshino House / Tadao Ando (1) (161879) – ArchDaily.

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