“Go Away Green” – Disney knows the secret of the “invisibility paint”

If you look beyond the fantasy of the Magic Kingdom, Disney hopes you won’t see anything at all. The less-than-magical parts of the park, such as fences, garbage bins, and administrative buildings, are all coated in a color known as “Go Away Green” — a shade that’s meant to help things blend in with the landscaping.

8 secrets about Disneyland – CNN.com.

via Boingboing

I knew it wasn’t RAL 7024!

UPDATE: I found a picture!

Another post suggests it is the same as, or similar to, a color called “Wedgwood Green”

HTML # 87A485
CMYK # 50, 23, 54, 2
RGB # 135, 164, 133

There you go! I’m going to specify this for the next unavoidably ugly eyesore I’m charged with designing.

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