Peter Eisenman’s home

In this very interesting little article, Peter Eisenman, who in a way was one of the originators of the current Starchitect phenomenon, makes a very clear distinction between making Architecture and making Places to Live, i.e. a Home. In a nutshell: Architecture = something great, a public Icon, a spectacle; Home = something cozy, something you make yourself, something that is Not Architectural.

This concept of “architecture” reminds me of how Manfredo Tafuri, in Architecture and Utopia, described the official architecture of Washington D.C.: a “pathetic homage to inoperative values”. Thus, architecture is a form of fantastic entertainment, of escapism, of Thrills; A simulated experience that can be enjoyed in the comfort of knowing that in the end of the day, you go to your cozy little non-architectural home.

(Eisenman’s home via Archinect)

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