Vitruvius says: DIY is better than trusting “experts”

I have often felt that most of the professionals calling themselves architects, are charlatans who insist on wasting their clients’ money on preposterous frivolities; And that society would be better off building their buildings without asking the advice of these self-appointed experts.

Turns out I am in good company:

[…] when I see that this grand art is boldly professed by the uneducated and the unskillful, and by men who, far from being acquainted with architecture, have no knowledge even of the carpenter’s trade, I can find nothing but praise for those householders who, in the confidence of learning, are emboldened to build for themselves. Their judgment is that, if they must trust to inexperienced persons, it is more becoming to them to use up a good round sum at their own pleasure than at that of a stranger.

Vitruvius, the Ten Books on Architecture, book VI, introduction [italics added by me]

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