Wood as thermal insulation

WOOD by itself is a surprisingly good thermal insulator.

The average (normal) thermal conductivity of wood is

λ = 0,12 W/(m ⋅ K)

The heat transfer coefficient (U-value) required of external walls (in Finland) is

U = 0,17 W/m2

(They do make an exception for log houses but I think that’s cheating)

Now it would be cool to do the math myself, but I’m lazy so I will use an applet I found on the web. It turns out the required thickness of solid wood would be about 700 mm.

700 mm thick walls of solid wood! I want that! Would be one hell of a carbon sink too.

(The picture is of Avanto’s “Kyly” sauna, which of course is just a luxury folly. But I think it might be worth trying to scale this concept up into structures of socially and economically significant scale.)

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