Colour me invisible

I would like to correct a common misconception among Finnish architects of all statures.

RAL 7024, “graphite grey”, is not INVISIBILITY PAINT.

Neither does it, despite its name, make your building look like an elegantly nonchalant stroke of a master’s pencil on a napkin. Painting all your unsightly flashings, inelegant trimmings, too-thick columns and clumsy steelwork violet-bluish grey doesn’t make them “blend into background”.

By using RAL 7024 to cover your misgivings you are not bestowing an aura of sharpness and level-headed authority on your developer-forced details. Instead, you are inflicting a sickly glow of alienated indifference to whole new housing developments and office parks. Your children will grow to hate this colour as vehemently as you hate the ubiquitous brown of the seventies.

I beg you: Please stop using RAL 7024. There are plenty of alternatives. If in doubt, make it white. Or throw a dice. But for the love of god, NO MORE RAL 7024.

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